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Tabletop Stronghold

MagCase XL 2.0 MDF Magnetic Carrying Case / Display Case For Miniatures

MagCase XL 2.0 MDF Magnetic Carrying Case / Display Case For Miniatures

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Greetings from Tabletop Stronghold.

If the standard MagCase 2.0 isn’t quite big enough to hold the massive horde of minis you've amassed over the years, MagCase XL 2.0 is here to help with TWICE the storage of the standard MagCase 2.0!

MagCase XL 2.0 is both a carrying and display case using steel trays and magnets! Simply glue the included 3x1.7mm magnets or your own magnets under the bases of your minis. The magnets make them stick firmly to the steel trays, ready to be transported or proudly displayed.

As with all new MagCase 2.0 models, The MagCase XL 2.0 comes with the new MagCase 2.0 trays made of a single piece of steel and are powder coated.

Please Note: MagCase 2.0 trays are not compatible with MagCase 1.0.

Customizable tray heights for your needs - trays easily slide into any of the 1/2 inch rows in the case.

MagCase XL 2.0 is BIG! Easily able to hold multiple 32mm heroic scale miniature armies.

MagCase XL 2.0 is TALL! With a tray in the bottom row, you can fit a model that's 14.6” tall!

Usable internal space of each compartment: 14.6” H, 8’’ W, 12’’ L.

External size including handle: 17” H, 17.5“ W, 13.5” L. Usable area of each tray: 8” W, 12” L.

Weight: approx. 17 lbs.

Stunning large acrylic front panels for easy viewing of your models. Easily open and close the case using the velcro straps at the top of the acrylic panel.

All MagCases come with removable MDF dowels to ensure the trays don't move around or bump the acrylic front panel.

MagCase XL 2.0 is partially assembled - the only tools needed for assembly are a Phillips head screwdriver and a pair of pliers.

You will receive a scannable QR code for the instructions with your order.

Please Note: NO models are included. Models in photos are examples of what you can do with your MagCase XL 2.0.

MagCases are a cottage industry product and don’t come from a big factory. As such, there may be slight variations in the material color and/or tray dimensions. These are generally imperceptible but we wanted you to be aware.

If you have ANY questions feel free to message me. Happy wargaming from Tabletop Stronghold!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Brian Abela
MagCase XL

Currently building the XL case now. Quality parts, fast delivery at a reasonable price. The engineering is very elegant. I previously purchased a case and it is now to small for my expanding range of miniatures. Great way to store and transport delicate miniatures.One of the biggest selling points is the see through front.

Dustin Dawley
Great case

Big enough to house a swarm of tyranids and that’s exactly what I needed.

Excellent! Exceeds all my expectations

I saw the ad for this case on Facebook, and I was just looking for a storage option that wouldn’t have all the spikes on my chaos marines snag and snap off in foam cases. Construction is solid, though maybe consider a little wood glue for the wooden borders of the metal shelves. Some of the screw holes still had wood plugging them when the case arrived, but I was able to poke them all with a drill bit and they cleared out just fine. All in all, a fine carrying case

Leland Pena
XL Case Review

The XL case arrived quickly with all required parts. The instructions were easy to follow and I was able to put it together in a reasonable amount of time. I am looking forward to using my case soon!

Jasen Swisher

MagCase XL MDF Magnetic Carrying Case / Display Case For Miniatures

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