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Tabletop Stronghold

MagCase XL 2.0 MDF Magnetic Carrying Case / Display Case For Miniatures

MagCase XL 2.0 MDF Magnetic Carrying Case / Display Case For Miniatures

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Greetings from Tabletop Stronghold.

If the standard MagCase 2.0 isn’t quite big enough to hold the massive horde of minis you've amassed over the years, MagCase XL 2.0 is here to help with TWICE the storage of the standard MagCase 2.0!

MagCase XL 2.0 is both a carrying and display case using steel trays and magnets! Simply glue the included 3x1.7mm magnets or your own magnets under the bases of your minis. The magnets make them stick firmly to the steel trays, ready to be transported or proudly displayed.

As with all new MagCase 2.0 models, The MagCase XL 2.0 comes with the new MagCase 2.0 trays made of a single piece of steel and are powder coated.

Please Note: MagCase 2.0 trays are not compatible with MagCase 1.0.

Customizable tray heights for your needs - trays easily slide into any of the 1/2 inch rows in the case.

MagCase XL 2.0 is BIG! Easily able to hold multiple 32mm heroic scale miniature armies.

MagCase XL 2.0 is TALL! With a tray in the bottom row, you can fit a model that's 14.6” tall!

Usable internal space of each compartment: 14.6” H, 8’’ W, 12’’ L.

External size including handle: 17” H, 17.5“ W, 13.5” L. Usable area of each tray: 8” W, 12” L.

Weight: approx. 17 lbs.

Stunning large acrylic front panels for easy viewing of your models. Easily open and close the case using the velcro straps at the top of the acrylic panel.

All MagCases come with removable MDF dowels to ensure the trays don't move around or bump the acrylic front panel.

MagCase XL 2.0 is partially assembled - the only tools needed for assembly are a Phillips head screwdriver and a pair of pliers.

You will receive a scannable QR code for the instructions with your order.

Please Note: NO models are included. Models in photos are examples of what you can do with your MagCase XL 2.0.

MagCases are a cottage industry product and don’t come from a big factory. As such, there may be slight variations in the material color and/or tray dimensions. These are generally imperceptible but we wanted you to be aware.

If you have ANY questions feel free to message me. Happy wargaming from Tabletop Stronghold!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
richardt trevor kay
Great but!

I love it! Holds 3k+ points of 40k. Would def recommend!

Michael Vendetti
Great product

Easy to assemble and very spacious. My only criticism is I don't love the doors that lay flat on the front vs. opening to the side. I will probably print hinges to fix this. But overall great product.

Great big case for shelf storage, modular transport

So I bought two of these big suckers along with the medium sized case, and I am loving the combination. I placed the two XL cases on my shelf in my hobby closet. I filled them up with models, packed densely on the nice metal trays, such that each army took up no more than one half of the XL case (1 of the 2 compartments). This means I can simply swap out the trays in my standard sized case for all the trays in one half of the XL case whenever I want to take that particular army to the game store and leave the other one at home. With this modular setup, I am able to easily store and transport my 7 armies (Chaos Knights, Tau, Drukhari, Harlequins, Craftworlds, Space Marines, Necrons, can you tell I've been doing this a while?) across the 2 XL cases and 1 standard case. I will never need more than the easy to carry standard sized case to move a single army at a time, and the armies I am not carrying with me fit perfectly into the XL cases for safe home storage (important with pets). Gone are the days of shoving my "overflow" models that don't fit in my old case into cardboard boxes.

If you are someone like me who wants to be able to store and transport multiple armies, I highly recommend combining one of these XL cases with one of the smaller case sizes they offer in order to take advantage of the interchangeable trays! I think a single XL case would do the trick for anyone with a reasonably sized collection of 2-3 armies, though it's important to do some math to make sure you have enough space (both vertically and horizontally) on the trays and in the case to fit your all of models, as tall models eat up valuable tray slots.

Great, huge case - new trays are fantastic

This is a large case that carries all of my collection and then some. The all metal trays really are the best. I was a little worried about sturdiness, but the wood is quite thick and the connections are strong. All around a great storage case for magnet users.

Best customer service on the market!

Where do I start, my original order got lost in the mail. Not only did TTS reply quickly, but worked with me to get a replacement and helped make sure the replacement arrived. Now having it built, it is solid, I got the XL and cannot wait to use the whole space.
Will recommend to my locals and will be buying more

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