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Tabletop Stronghold

MagCase MINI 2.0 + Tabletop Stronghold MINI Competitive Terrain Set - Bundle

MagCase MINI 2.0 + Tabletop Stronghold MINI Competitive Terrain Set - Bundle

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Introducing the MagCase 2.0 MINI Magnetic Display Case Bundled with Tabletop Stronghold MINI Competitive Terrain Set – Unleash Big Adventures in a Compact Package!

For tabletop gamers who prefer a more modest yet still captivating gaming experience, our MagCase 2.0 MINI Magnetic Display Case Bundled, with the Tabletop Stronghold MINI Competitive Terrain Set, offers all the excitement in a smaller scale. This bundle is perfect for those looking to maximize fun and style in a compact form.

MagCase 2.0 MINI Magnetic Display Case:

Though smaller in size, the MagCase 2.0 MINI doesn't compromise on quality or functionality. It's designed to house your cherished miniatures with care and flair, featuring a range of impressive features:

  1. Magnetic Charm: The MagCase 2.0 MINI comes with rare-earth magnets that securely hold your miniatures, ensuring they stay put during storage and transport. No more worrying about accidental mishaps.

  2. Clear, Petite Display: The transparent acrylic case offers a clear view of your miniatures, allowing you to showcase their intricate details and paintwork. Even in a smaller package, your collection will shine.

  3. Flexible Interior: Customize the interior with adjustable shelves, adapting it to your collection's needs. Whether you have a modest squad or a handful of cherished figures, this compact case has you covered.

  4. Durability in a Small Package: Built to last, the case is made from high-quality materials, making it durable and reliable for years to come. MagCases MINI 2.0 comes with removable MDF dowels to ensure the trays don't move around or bump the acrylic front panel.

  5. Easy assembly: MagCase MINI 2.0 is partially assembled - the only tools needed for assembly are a Phillips head screwdriver and a pair of pliers.                                     
  6. Dimensions: Usable internal space with a tray in the bottom row: 7” H, 8’’ W, 12’’ L. External size including handle: 9.5” H, 9.5“ W, 12.75” L.

Tabletop Stronghold MINI Competitive Terrain Set:

Perfect for smaller skirmish games like Kill Team or just adding more competitive terrain to your table!

  1. Versatile and Modular Design: The Tabletop Stronghold MINI Competitive terrain set is engineered with versatility in mind. It features a modular design, allowing you to create a variety of configurations to suit your gaming needs. Including the option to remove or leave the window on the first floor when assembling.                                                                                                
  2. Competitive Gameplay: Designed with competitive Warhammer 40k players in mind, our terrain pieces offer balanced line-of-sight blocking, cover, and strategic positioning. This means every battle will be a true test of skill and strategy, providing a level playing field for all players.

  3. Ideal Size: Our terrain set is designed to perfectly complement your Warhammer 40k gaming table. With a balance of large, medium, and small pieces, you can effortlessly create a battlefield that feels immersive and challenging.

The MagCase 2.0 MINI Magnetic Display Case Bundle with the Tabletop Stronghold MINI Competitive Terrain Set is the ideal choice for gamers who value style and practicality in a smaller format. Show off your miniatures and create captivating, scaled-down battlefields that offer big adventures.

Included in this bundle.

MagCase MINI 2.0

3 Magcase trays + 105 Magnets (3mmx2mm)

Tabletop Stronghold MINI Competitive Terrain Set

2 - 10"x5" bases.

2 - 9"x6" bases.

1 - 6"x4 base.

2 - medium 2-level corner ruins 7" Tall, 6" wide.

2 -medium 2-level U-shaped ruins 7" Tall, 6" wide, 4.5" deep.

2 - small 1-level corner ruins 3.6" Tall, 3" wide.

2 - small shipping crates 2" Tall, 4" wide.

All ruin levels are 3.5 inches apart, and the windows on the first floor can be removed or left in when assembled.

This terrain set comes unassembled and unpainted. You will receive a scannable QR code for the instructions with your order.

Please Note: NO models are included. Models in photos are examples of what you can do with your Terrain set.

Don't miss your chance to maximize your tabletop gaming fun. Order your bundle today and immerse yourself in exciting battles and the charm of your miniatures with the MagCase 2.0 MINI and Tabletop Stronghold MINI Competitive Terrain Set!

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Love these Army Boxs Highly recommended will buy more.

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